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Garam Dapur Mobile is a small developer studio whose dedicated to make mobile application that are useful, beautiful and tasted good to use.

Develope and publish mobile app for Blackberry, Android, Iphone, and Nokia

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Our Product

Scroll through the list below to see what I have created so far and released publicly. For further information and to download the applications, please click on the links provided.

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Surah Yaseen - download

Surah Yaseen reader

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Surah Yaseen for Blackberry 10 - download

Surah Yaseen reader for Blackberry 10 device

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Surah Yaseen Full Ver.- download

Surah Yaseen reader paid version

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Stock Calculator - download

Profit/loss stock Calculator

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25 Nabi dan Rosul - download

Story about 25 Prophets of Islam

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Juz Amma' - download

30th Juz of Quran reader

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Mailing Address

email image support[ at ]garamdapur[ dot ]com
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